Community Structure

Ranks & Progression

While we pride ourselves on not being a particularly strict community, we have a ranking structure in order to give a sense of progression to members of the community.

Non Leadership

Rank Training Requirements Time Requirements
Recruit None None
Cadet Phase One None
Private None 6 Operations
Private First Class None 12 Operations
Trooper JTAC or Rotary Transport 24 Operations
Specialist Tank or Mortar 52 Operations
Commando Marksman & Recon 78 Operations


Rank Training Requirements Time Requirements
Lance Corporal JTAC 12 Operations
Corporal None 24 Operations - 6 as Section Leader
Sergeant Tanker or Mortar 52 Operations - 12 as Platoon 2IC

Training Courses

We offer several in-house training courses (some of which are required to progress). We only provide training where strictly necessary, in situations where processes or procedures are not particularly intuative.

Phase One

Our Phase one course is designed to teach you (or confirmed that you already know) the basic of being a rifleman in an infantry team. It covers basic requirements like formations, squad commands, radio usage and ACE advanced medical system.


Pilot certification can take two forms. Either competent pilots are verified to posses a decent level of skill, or pilots not yet at a satisfactory level are trained up a level of acceptable skill. Due to the danger that bad, inexperienced or incompetent pilots can pose to the entire platoon, members must be certified before attempting any piloting roles in an operation.

You can be certified in several sub-areas of piloting:


Our Marksmanship course covers the use of the ACE advanced ballistics system, and how to calculate and take accurate shots at range.


This course covers the processes and procedures used when armour in employed in an operation - and certifies that the member is a competent user of these weapon systems.


The contents of this course goes into detail about radio communications, and coordinating the activities of air assets in the field, and calling in Close Air Support (CAS) strikes.


Demonstrates how to use the advanced ACE mortar system.