New Starters


The purpose of this page is to provide you with a guide for getting started with our community after having been accepted. If you are not yet a member of our community you can find a link to our Discord on the Home Page. If you encounter any issues, or have any questions when reading through this page, let a member of staff know and they will be able to help you.

Training Requirements

We will always aim to try and keep training requirements to a minimum, however, every member regardless of skill of prior experience will need to complete a Phase One course within four weeks of joining. This course is designed to either teach you the basics, or to confirm that you already know them. You can attend operations as a recruit on the understanding that you will complete the Phase One within these four weeks.



For day-to-day communications and instant messaging, we use Discord. We ask that you are active on Discord as much as possible, as it provides a lot of community engagement outside of official event times. It’s also used to publish important community updates and the current modpack.


We have a teamspeak server that we use wtih the Task Force Radio plugin for ArmA 3. It is only generally used for missions and events and there is no expectation to be on it outside of offical event times - however you are free to use it whenever you’d like. The connection information can be found on Discord.

Naming Convention

For the sake of cleanliness, we conform to a specific naming convention. This convention is your initial, followed by a full stop, a space, and then your chosen alias as outlined in the graphic below:

name formatting

You need to ensure that this name is configured as a nickname on Discord, and you will also need to setup a profile in ArmA that uses this name. A word of warning, do this with plenty of time before an event (if possible), as creating a new profile in ArmA will reset your keybindings.

Event Organisation

Roll Calls

In the week leading up to an event, a Roll Call will be posted in Discord. These polls help us to roughly estimate the number of attendees for each mission. The poll has the following responses:

Operation Etiquette

During community events, we have some rules that must be adhered to for the benefit of the group. These rules are designed to make missions run smoothly and ensure that we can get started in a timely fasion.

Installing the Modpack

ArmA 3 Mods

You will find the current modpack preset in Discord. You can the import the file by using the instructions below:

From the ArmA 3 launcher, locate the ‘Mods’ button on the left had side as illustrated below:

Mods Tab

From the mod selection screen, select the preset dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner:

Preset Menu

This will then open the present management menu. At the bottom is an ‘Import’ button. Press this button and select the html file that you downloaded from Discord earlier.

Once the mods have been downloaded, you are now completely setup and ready for your first operation!