Mission Statement

Here at Reaper Crew we seek to balance quality gameplay with military style realism and tactics. We pride ourselves on delivering a level-headed and organised ArmA 3 environment, without the encumbrance of tedious training sessions, or approaching tasks a particular way because ‘that’s how the military does it’.

Our style can be defined simply as ‘gameplay over realism’. We’ll employ military tactics in areas where there is an appropriate reason to do so, as long as it does not detract away from enjoyable gameplay.

Operations and Events

For someone that just wants to rock up and play each week, our time commitment is minimal. We have one main operation a week, which takes place on Saturdays at 1900 UK Time (GMT/BST) and runs for approximately four to five hours. We don’t expect you to attend every single operation, we just ask that you commit to the full session in the event that you choose to attend.

What are we looking for?

If you’d like to get involved with our community, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

Core Principles

Join Us

If you’re interested in joining, or would simply like to ask some questions, hop into our discord server: https://discord.gg/fEuQQEk